Open Source Intelligence - Using Freely Available Information

Open Source Intelligence - Using Freely Available Information

Open source intelligence is an almost infinite source of information. In a nutshell, OSINT deals with freely accessible information and data from sources such as television, the internet and scientific publications and especially the conclusions that can be drawn.

The analysis of open source provides particularly valuable insights into what information ends up in the public sphere, how it develops, how it is received. This is essential information for press work, companies in the private and public sector and last but not least for crisis management.

Due to the flood of data and information available to us today, it is simply impossible to observe all relevant sources ourselves and to filter them according to the required topic.

Fortunately, there are many different tools available for this purpose, depending on the source of information. It makes sense to use monitoring providers who offer a variety of sources and can therefore react flexibly to customer needs. Information sources such as radio, TV or web TV can be monitored easily, continuously and fully automatically using search profiles and boolean operators. As soon as there is a hit, depending on the provider, automatic alerts will be sent by email on request.

Open source intelligence is not only important for monitoring agencies and political institutions; with the help of innovative monitoring tools, this large amount of information is easily accessible for all users. Marketing and PR managers, CIOs and communication experts can access it at any time and thus always be up to date.

Gone are the days in which entire monitoring rooms had to be set up and equipped with multiple screens in order to be able to view current events from various media sources in parallel. Solutions like eMedia Monitor‘s Pegasus automatically filter the sources according to predefined search profiles and display the results in real time. The integrated Waterfall tool plays a major role here, as it shows the posts sorted chronologically and by profile. It enables you to watch the information coming in and understand how topics change over time.

In any case, the processing of open source information using monitoring tools is the most convenient solution in order to prepare further analyses, presentations or, in consequence, recommendations for action.

Open source information can make all the difference in times of crisis as well as in daily business when it comes to reacting quickly and keeping an eye on the development of information.