Influencer Marketing - Why to Monitor Social Videos

Influencer Marketing - Why to Monitor Social Videos

Media and marketing have always been closely linked and depend on each other to a considerable extent. Both areas are subject to constant changes and trends, which means that exciting developments can be observed again and again. With the increasing presence and importance of social media, the area of influencer marketing has recently come into focus.

As influencers have become trustworthy role models for many of their followers and are easy to identify with, they are particularly interesting for advertisers. Thanks to this trust and the close relationship with the target group, recommendations or product reviews are received above average. In order to drive the purchase decisions further, influencers are often given discount codes, which in many cases makes the cash registers ring.

Paid partnerships must be marked as such, but in most cases this does not influence the success. Nonetheless, unpaid product presentations and recommendations have proven to be particularly valuable. What is considered a real gold mine for companies, however, has a big catch: How can you determine whether influencers are talking about your own company in their Instagram stories, YouTube videos or TikTok clips?

Unless the corresponding products or services are linked, there is only one way to identify the clips: media monitoring that specialises in audiovisual content. Useful tools search selected channels for relevant mentions and provide information in real time. This makes it possible to always keep an overview – even of untagged stories, videos or podcasts.

Media monitoring tools offer many valuable features that make it easy to edit, share and analyze the articles that have been identified. The knowledge gained this way can be used for future PR and marketing strategies and so these can be further developed.

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