A Close Look at the Monitoring Trend

A Close Look at the Monitoring Trend

The media monitoring trend of the last few years is persistent: The number of companies discovering media monitoring for themselves and using it in their daily business is constantly increasing – and for good reasons:


Media monitoring is an easy way to keep track of developments in your own industry and your competitors’. If national or international laws, import regulations, the availability of raw materials or similar change, and this is announced in the media, reports on the relevant topics are sent out in real time using the right search profiles. The biggest competitor is involved in a scandal, has landed a huge deal, has just been taken over or is in financial difficulties? All this information is delivered directly to the mailbox of monitoring users just seconds after it is broadcast.

Crisis management

Media Monitoring makes it possible to follow exactly what is being reported about your company, customers or a current topic on a national or global level. Accuracy and speed are equally important. The current corona crisis in particular highlights the importance of media with an editorial background such as radio and TV stations. In times when whole floods of fake news are circulating, they offer access to high-quality and comprehensible news.

Public relations

PR and corporate communication also benefit significantly from a tailor-made monitoring solution. In addition to real-time notifications, tonality analysis offers great advantages for this type of work. With features such as these, public opinion can be better assessed, PR measures can be quickly adapted and thus reputation work can be improved.

Access anywhere & anytime

Instead of daily, weekly or even monthly monitoring reports, international companies today cannot do without the ability to be kept up to date on their important issues at all times – and in real time; and this from the countries and regions relevant to them worldwide. Many companies see the advantages of global real-time notification, but they shy away from the supposedly huge effort involved. At the same time, the effort involved in such an internal media monitoring is relatively low; thanks to a clearly structured user interface with helpful tools on the one hand and sensibly set up profiles on the other, the effort is low and the operation of an online monitoring tool is simple. This does not necessarily have to be left to an external service provider. Apart from that: who would want to wait until days or weeks later to find out that their own company has appeared in the media and has been reported on? Exactly.

Assessment of communication measures

Measuring and evaluating communication measures is not an easy task in standard cases, but Media Monitoring offers just that: The coverage can be tracked exactly, tonality can be detected, stories can be traced and broadcasts can be checked. Thus, future measures will be based on facts and you can see where the media budget is going.

Brand building

Does the media world even know that your company exists? Find out! Monitoring can be very informative and helps to establish a brand. Whether your own company is mentioned, what is reported about competitors, in which direction the market is developing and much more. All this is useful information that can be the key to success in building a strong brand.

Tip: In order to save costs, effort and staff right from the start, it is necessary to choose the right provider. To resort to a separate provider for each media and/or country can quickly become time-consuming and expensive. This also plays a decisive role in terms of flexibility; if countries, channels or media are to be eventually replaced or added, an all-round provider is a must.

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