Presenting our BI by eMM Industry Data Cubes for Business Intelligence

Presenting our BI by eMM Industry Data Cubes for Business Intelligence

AMEC as the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication is the largest media intelligence and insights professional organisation worldwide. They were also host to this years summit „DATA: Analytics, Algorithms, Augmentation“ in the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic.

We were pleased to have been invited to present our new innovative product BI by eMM Data Cubes at AMEC in Prague to a wide group of high-caliber industry representatives.

The audience was eager to know more about the BI by eMM Data Cubes, especially the group of Business Intelligence users. The easy integration of broadcast data into existing business databases is an innovation that creates value when it comes to recognizing correlations between external events and internal data. eMedia Monitor offers the most powerful industry databases containing processed and structured broadcast data. Our Data Cubes are ready for immediate use with your preferred Business Intelligence Software.

The ease to create reports of a user interface was shown and discussed on stage as well as the different possibilities that BI by eMM offers. One of our testing customers Mister Barban, Regional Provider Manager EMEA at T-Systems Austria was as kind as to join our presentation and shared his experience with the eMM Data cubes as well as answering questions.

„When I was first asked if I were interested in using Radio & TV data, I was clearly at ‘no‘. I just couldn‘t think of any broadcasted information that was relevant to me. But as Eduardo drew my attention to all the benefits and usecases, a recent situation came to my mind: One of our service providers went into bankruptcy and although there were signs in the general media, we were surprised by the extent of this crisis. So I tried and I am really impressed by the ease of use and especially by the value of the newly gained insights which I would not want to miss in my daily business.“, Barban stated.

For eMedia Monitor it was a very informative and pertinent business event. We would like to thank all participants and visitors for the great atmosphere at the summit in Prague, for the many interesting talks as well as insights and perspectives on current developments in the industry.

It was great to be a part of this year‘s AMEC summit and we are looking forward to many more exciting events to come!