Podcasts: Tailor-Made Audio Content to Go

Podcasts: Tailor-Made Audio Content to Go

Everyone is talking about podcasts these days and by now they are firmly anchored in everyday life of many users. According to a recent survey by a German industry association, more than a quarter of all Germans listen to podcasts on a regular basis.

Why exactly is this type of audio data so popular? Well, on the one hand, users can listen to content anywhere and at any time of day or night, so they are not tied to program times. On the other hand – and this is the most important point – consumers can listen to exactly the topics of their interest.

And it‘s not only mainstream topics that are very successful; there are hardly any limits to creativity in terms of content selection. Whether beauty, technology or financial expertise, all of these and even more specific niche topics find their place in the podcast universe – and are well received by listeners.

Topics are as diverse as the numbers are impressive: advertising revenues in the US podcast market have now climbed to over $ 479 million. Several hundred thousand downloads per week are not uncommon for the most successful podcasters around the world.

No wonder that a certain degree of commercialization has also entered this area. Podcasts have already taken up a fixed place in the everyday life of many listeners and are now increasingly produced by large media companies such as television or radio stations and publishing houses.

Podcasts – whether produced commercially or by private individuals/influencers – often play a major role in forming the opinion of their listeners and are therefore particularly interesting for advertisers. Target groups can be addressed very specifically and ads can thus be placed without large wastage. There is still a lot of trial and error going on in this area to find out in which way advertising best appeals to the listeners. Examples are audio spots, sponsoring or even native ads, i.e. ads that as such are difficult to distinguish from the content per se.

In order to be able to reliably track one‘s own advertising or that of a customer in podcasts, automated podcast monitoring solutions are available. These can also provide information about current trends and help filter podcast content in a targeted manner.

Whether you are a listener, producer or advertiser – podcasts offer countless options for use and one thing is certain: they have come to stay.

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