Business intelligence as a game changer

Business intelligence as a game changer

It would be an absolute understatement to say that trends in the media and PR industry have been evolving a lot over the last few years. These branches and their way of working with data is constantly changing and always in need for better technologies and insights. Just like private customers, PR and marketing specialists want to be able to choose exactly what information they consume.

Instead of randomly switching on the TV and absorbing all aired program, zapping through programmes or intentionally wasting time watching shows that aren’t even really interesting, customers change their habits into more conscious ways of consuming media. They long for possibilites to select the content they consume as well as the time when to consume it.

The same attitude applies to the PR and marketing industry. Specialists need to be able to break down information to the exact bits they require. There is simply no time in this constantly moving society to go through enormous amounts of content when you have to be able to immediately react on changes or sudden events.

What makes the work of these agencies even more difficult nowadays often is their customer‘s opinion on the necessity of a proper research and information. Nicole Rodrigues, CEO of the NRPR Group, states in an interview with the FORBES magazine, that the biggest issue are people thinking social media or digital marketing can replace PR. In her opinion, CEOs and CMOs often look for a quick fix via marketing growth hacks and do not realize that it needs third-party validation and strong press to really step up the game and land solid results.

These solid results can only be achieved by perfect knowledge of the industry and how to receive the required data. Christopher Penn, co-founder of Trust Insights, tells FORBES that every industry will need data scientists. Every company will need access to data science tools to remain competitive. Penn explains, that predictive analytics tell businesses what they need, when and where and that this will additionally have a significant advantage in cost reduction and customer service.

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