Duplicate Detection

In times of cross medial publishing, the same content is often being reused for multiple broadcast stories. This is not unusual, but it does contain some stumbling blocks when it comes to media monitoring. Duplicates can cause extra effort; a lot of time and resources go to waste. To avoid exactly that, eMM implemented the reliable “Duplicate Detection” feature.

Duplicates can be defined as follows:

  • The same content again broadcast in one channel later
  • The same content in a sister channel of the same broadcaster (often are specific channels)
  • The same content in a 24/7 news channel and a national channel

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Duplicate Detection Monitor

How does the eMM platform deal with duplicates?

You get a real-time alert on the first mention. When you log in, you can see a notification about the duplicates detected. That helps you cut down on alerts while still receiving information about audience reached and the channels, time and date the clip aired on.

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