Broadcast monitoring is gaining popularity in the Arabic countries

Broadcast monitoring is gaining popularity in the Arabic countries

The well established Austrian monitoring company eMedia Monitor sees a rapidly growing demand for broadcast monitoring from Arabic region. A clear trend is visible and to meet its customer‘s needs, eMedia Monitor has been working on the widest coverage of broadcasting channels worldwide – including more than 2,500 channels from 66 countries and eight languages like Arabic, English, German or Spanish.

eMedia Monitor is the leading 24/7 real time broadcast monitoring provider in the GCC region and has made it to one of the most recognized monitoring companies worldwide with the widest range of channels – compared to any competitor. The monitoring platform is designed for B2B clients with the perfect business solution for every need. Customers range from public authorities and international institutions to PR agencies and media monitoring companies.

Which advantages does eMM monitoring bring? Customers receive alerts in real time 24/7, whenever a topic of their interest appears on one of their chosen channels. With eMM‘s monitoring platform customers stay on top of the news coming from all parts of the world.

Stay informed about everything that is being said about you, your company or any field of your interest in the broadcast media.